Currently Active Hobbies

  • CYCLING A typical Dutch hobby is off coarse Cycling, so this is also one of mine.
    I have been cycling abroad most of my summer hollidays in the past 20 years. Some pictures of this can be seen on my Photo pages. During such a summer tour I normaly cycle between 1000 and 3000 km in one to three weeks.
    My road cycling was for a while my most time demanding hobby. I started with this in the beginning of 2003.
    My first road racing bike was a pearly white Fausto Coppi with a steel frame from the early ninetees. I recently replaced it by an Argon 18, which is from a Canadian road bike and triathlon bike builder in Montreal.
    My first Randonneur bike was a Giant with a steel frame that I rode during my high school years. At the end of high school I bought myself a Giant Expedition ed. 1998, by the end with 35000km it was fully custum rebuild, with only the frame, brakes and rear pannier rack as original parts. During the winter of 2013-2014 I bought a Surly Ogre frame and started building the ultimate expedition bike. The Giant frame was getting too old to fully trust, with little cracks. The Surly is still not fully ready but it starts to become a very nice bike that should serve me for at least as many years as my Giant Expedition. In 2015 I decided to upgrade to discbrakes, rebuild the fender mounting hardware, replace the seat for a Brooks B17 and get the latest extra wide open Jones H-Bar which gives more space for my handlebar bag, I am getting very close to my ultimate expedition bike: Updated Surly Ogre Since I lived in Stuttgart I had to ride a mountain bike. So I bought a second hand FatModul which I also by now have almost completely renewed and even has a new frame now, a KHS 2000. The forrest-rich surroundings of Stuttgart provide excellent playgrounds for mountainbiking. Since 2012 I live in London, Ontario, Canada where it is nicely flat, almost like back at home, so I picked up the road cycling again while the mountain bike is dusting away but ready to go as soon as I live in a hilly area again.
    Last but not least, I need a bike to ride to work every day. Riding 6km in each direction every day, and some grocery trips in the weekend. The bike I build from mainly left-over parts is based on an old giant frame, it is a very durable bike that brings me through rain, sun or snow, day and night.
  • WEBSITES Sometimes I like writing small websites (like my own, or the YoungNano site) but also for my father who is a blacksmith ( and for my parents neighbour who has his own car shop (
  • SCRIPTING For these websites I have written small administration panels, site generators and photoscripts in Perl. Through which I learned the basics of the Perl language.
    For my own website I learned to write in PHP to generate the photoalbums. Later I realized that writing in Perl is much nicer, so I don't do much with PHP anymore, except for the pages and some small tricks in these pages of my website since rewriting the whole site into Perl is a bit too much.
    I continued using Perl in my work, combined with Linux BASH programming, SciLab calculations and GNUplot this gives nice and easy scripts to post-process datafiles and generate neat graphs. (some related info and scripts on the scripting page)
  • WELDING I followed a course on metal sculturing a while ago. This was during the last years in Stuttgart my favorite hobby. The Werkstatthaus has an open workshop every Friday making it possible to further develop this craft. Hope to continue this once more in the future.
  • COOKING I also enjoy cooking. I have placed some recipies that I am very fond of in my online cookbook.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY Through the years the wish to make better and nicer photos has grown and I have collected some of my photos on this website. I have by now replaced the small Canon Ixus camera's by a DSLR Nikon D5100, and started collecting some nice lenses and accessories for this camera. It is a new and growing hobby.