Here some links to external websites are shown. The selected sites provide useful information regarding research about nano colloids for in-situ remediation.

DaNa is a website about all currently funded nano research projects in Germany
logo dana
DaNa - acquisition, evaluation and public orientated presentation of societal relevant data and findings for nanomaterials
Languages: German and English
Nano Map shows a map with all currently with nano working companies and institutes in Germany
logo nano map
Competency Map Nanotechnology in Germany
Languages: German and English
PEN shows information about nano technology in general but also profides a map with worldwide applications of nano technology for site remediation
logo pen
PEN: The project on emerging nanotechnologies
Language: English
CLU-IN provides information about innovative treatment and site characterization technologies.
logo clu-in
CLU-IN: Contaminated site clean-up information online seminars, live and archived
Language: English
EUGRIS is a web portal offering information and services on topics related to soil and water.
logo EUGRIS News and Updates
News, Events, What's new on EUGRIS
Language: English
At NanOpinion you'll find lots of discussions and information.
logo NanOpinion
Nanotechnologies: Where should they take us? Have your say. The website provides general information, media news, a blog and a questionary to get your opinion.
Language: English, Hrvatski, Italiano, Lietuviu.
NanoNextNL is a consortium of more than one hundred companies, universities, knowledge institutes and university medical centres, which is aimed at research into micro and nanotechnology.
logo NanoNextNL
This consortium aims on cutting edge nano knowledge and bundles the strength of the many.
There is a vacancies website where each of the partnes posts their job opertunities in nano science!
Language: English, Dutch.
Sustainable Nano is a 'Super Fun Science Blog' with lots of nice discussions about new developments in nano sciences
logo dana
The Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology is an initiative funded by the National Science Foundation to carry out research that will enable the development of sustainable, societally beneficial nanotechnologies.
Languages: English
Nano and Me is defenitely a website to check out. It also invites to join various debates.
logo NanoAndMe
This site aims to bring a balanced and thoughtful perspective to discussion about nano in general. Environmental clean-up applications are mentioned but are not the main objective.
Language: English