• Here I'll collect some of the scripts I wrote during the past years to make life easier.
  • #scilab -nwni -f filename.sci
    -->exec 'code.sci'

Collector Efficiency

  • Scilab function to calculate the single collector efficiency as defined by Tufenkji and Elimelech [2004]:
  • function [eta0]=etafct(dp,dc,alpha,U,T,mu,rhop)
    ap=dp/2;     //radius of the particle (m)
    NR=dp/dc;	//Aspect Ratio
    Dinf=(k*T)/(6*%pi*mu*ap);	//Diffusion coefficient, in an infinite medium
    NPe=(U*dc)/(Dinf);	//Peclet NUmber, characterizing ratio of convective 
    			//transport to diffusive transport
    NvdW=A/(k*T);		//Van der Waals number, characterizing ratio of vdW 
    			//interaction energy to the particle's thermal energy
    NA=A/(12*%pi*mu*(ap^2)*U);	//Attraction number, represents combined 
    	//influence of vdW attraction forces and fluid velocity on particle 
    	//deposition rate due to interception
    NG=(2/9)*(((ap^2)*(rhop-rhof)*g)/(mu*U));	//Gravity number, ratio of 
    	//Stokes particle settling velocity to approach velocity of the fluid
    Y=(1-f)^(1/3);	//Y-part of porosity-dependent parameter of Happel's model
    AS=(2*(1-Y^5))/(2-3*Y+3*Y^5-2*Y^6);	//porosity-dependent parameter of 
    	//Happel's model
    	//long equation, glue the second line to the one above...
    Call the function by using:
    where: k=Bolzmann Constant, A=Hamaker Constant, dp=Particle diameter, dc=Collector diameter, U=seepage velocity, T=Absolute Temperature, mu=Viscosity, rhop=Particle Density, rhof=Fluid Density, g=Gravitational Acceleration, n=porosity.